Back 2 the Trenches

Back 2 the Trenches extreme obstacles fun Mud Run

5k 6k 10k 12k

If you want to do something very different with the team and raise money for a good cause take a look at Back2theTrenches

Back 2 the Trenches is a fun exciting extreme obstacles run or race that everybody can do, young and old, fit or not!

It is the only London location for a mud run, set in 250 acres of beautiful countryside.

Back 2 the Trenches

It has everything you need to make a mud run, steep hill’s (you just have to walk them) loads of mud, lots of water, net’s to climb over, steep drops to slide down, woodland trails to walk or run through must of all bag’s of fun.

Water at London Run

If your team have never done anything like this before they will find it a very challenging but satisfying and  rewarding team event.

Your team will challenge them-self’s and the team as they adventure through the mud, water, climbs, falls, wire and fire along with some unexpected is waiting whether they are running 5k, 6k, 10k, 12k, or 18k the mud and obstacles are ready – will they be?

This is a run not a race all you need do is survive – The time has come to sign up to this London mud run!