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Fast and Fun Driving the Supacat Off Road

Supacat has permanent six wheel drive (6×6) with the front four wheels (two axles) steered conventionally (Ackerman) by using a rotating handlebar arrangement.

These handlebars also operate the steering brakes (inboard discs) which act independently on each side of the vehicle giving brake (skid) steering.

We select areas of our site to push you to the limit -

After an initial safety briefing, you will be given practical instruction in the skills and awareness that you need to move yourself and your Supacat vehicle safely across difficult terrain.

Our professional instructors will find something to challenge you and make sure that you have fun!

Availability: Gift voucher Off Road Driving is available on most weekends throughout the year and can also be booked Monday to Friday,this may be a shared session.
Price: £95.00 (including vat)